The church ceremony – part 1

While my dad and I were still hiding out, Tobias talked to Matthias and Frank (our pastor friends) outside. He had to phone me quickly to tell me that Laura was on her way to me because we had forgotten to bring a print-out of her reading for her. I just saved the reading onto Tobi’s iPhone and she used that to read it off of during the ceremony. Thank goodness for technology! Then they went back inside and waited as the guests filed in.



I remember trying to walk slowly as my dad and I went over to the church, but with the ringing of the bells and the anticipation of what was about to happen, I couldn’t help but hurry over there! My dad and I were both less emotional than we had predicted we’d be, and I don’t really remember crying at that point. My dad was thoughtful and reflective, yet he exuded a sense of calm that was very reassuring. I wasn’t really nervous, but more in a state of shock like…this is it! I’m about to get married!


Matthias greeted us in front of the church. He said, “Are you ready?” and I replied, “Yes!” and we went into the church and proceeded down the aisle. Our processional was the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Händel, played by our wonderful organist Igor Zeller.

The church was filled with our family and friends. Everyone looking at us, smiling. It was fun looking out on either side and seeing faces of people I knew, friends, who I hadn’t seen in a while. Matthias was walking in front of us, so it actually wasn’t until we were almost at the end of the aisle that I could see Tobi’s face – but when I did, I could barely contain my joy. We got to the end of the aisle and my dad gave me a hug, and then he hugged Tobias and took his seat next to my mom. I was so nervous that I hugged Tobias too (not part of the plan!) and it took all of my concentration to try not to kiss him at the beginning of the ceremony! LOL!

7871890528_c81a224596_b7871889380_459cb84622_b7871887472_834399a9b8_b7871886512_06f5e6bf27_b7871883332_2bf6326d11_b7871877820_0df3e9d4b7_bAfter the music had finished playing, we took our seats (thank goodness for THAT German tradition!) and Matthias began with a welcome speech in German. Frank took care of the English parts of the ceremony.


I couldn’t help tearing up at Matthias’s sweet words about us as a couple.


Frank then had everybody laughing: he had just gotten back from the Olympic games in London and announced that the current standing of gold medals for the USA was 26, and for Germany…5. Everybody laughed and applauded for the US and German Olympic teams. Then Frank went on to announce that he had brought back two more gold medals for a very special German and his American bride. He then presented us with chocolate gold medals to wear around our necks. (He gave mine to me to put in my lap, as he didn’t want to mess up my hair!) (Though a few minutes later he took them back and hung them up on the podium so as not to risk getting chocolate on our white clothes.) So funny!


(All photos by our lovely photographer, Annette Schrader.)


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