The recessional & greeting the guests

It had rained a lot while we were all in the church, so before we walked out, they checked to see if we could go outside or if it was still raining. It turned out it was still sprinkling a bit, so we did the recessional down the aisle and everyone was supposed to follow us back around the side of the church and back up to the front! It was so funny and everyone had a great sense of humor about it.

Our flower girls led the way — that’s right — in Germany, the flower girls do their job on the way out instead of on the way in! It’s a nice symbol – the bride and groom get to leave the church in a different way than they came in, on a bed of flowers. So nice! We had four flower girls – Christoph and Ute’s two girls, Jule and Luise (in the matching dresses!), Achim and Anna’s three-year-old daughter Clara, and Christoph and Ilka’s daughter Liv. (Tobias has two cousins named Christoph!) They threw a mixture of rose petals and paper hearts cut out from an old book I had used in another wedding project.




Haha I love Tobias’s face in this one! He’s like, “YEAH MAN!”


Yep – still raining!

So then we started greeting our long row of guests, one by one.



And then someone saw that it had stopped raining and so we moved our receiving line outside! Like a tour guide, I put up my bouquet in the air and motioned that people should follow the bouquet!


Tobi’s agent, Katinka, blew bubbles as we went outside!



Tobi and Tante Else (his step-grandmother) laughed at the fact that their suits matched! Haha – that look on her face is so precious!



That’s such a sweet picture of Tobi’s dad!



Here’s Tobi picking me up again. And you can see that was the beginning of the end for the inside liner of my dress…! Oh and you see that kid in the purple princess dress staring at us? She insisted on walking down to the reception with me and she was constantly behind me and staring at me, just like this:


She probably thought she was seeing a real life princess! She was totally enamored! (It was cute, although she did hang around us A LOT.)

I let Clara hold my bouquet for a bit:


And I love this picture of my mom adjusting my mother-in-law’s corsage:


After we had greeted everyone, the guests made their way down to the reception place on foot. (It’s just a 5-minute walk from the church!) And our families stuck around for family portraits:


Then we got a picture of us with our Trauzeugen…


And Clara photobombed the picture with her awesome pink balance bike!


Then, as my photographer was taking a close-up of my bouquet, I noticed this little guy on my dress:


I’m pretty sure that means good luck! (AND, when we were taking pictures later of our rings, another one showed up — or the same one? — and posed for a picture with our rings!)

So, when our photo session was finished, we too headed down to the reception place. We didn’t really need the umbrella at that point, but it was pretty (and fun!) to have in the pictures anyway!



(All photos by the lovely Annette Schrader!)


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