Just a few instagram snapshots of the past few weeks:


1. Enjoying the last sunlight of the day at a beach club at the Hamburg port
2. Surprise flowers from my husband
3. I finally drank my A&W Cream Soda I’d been saving…it was as good as I remembered
4. Matthias’ & Ariane’s new kitty, who still doesn’t have a name
5. Sunrise on the way to work Monday morning
6. Bundled up with a scarf & jacket
7. Awesome goat in a store window
8. A huge bush of orange berries
9. Guinness sign at an Irish pub in Elmshorn

Life has been busy lately. Even busier than usual because there is a secret project in the works. (!!!) It’ll be some time still, but I can’t wait to share it with you guys!

This week I am also looking forward to my friend Shannon coming to visit! She lived here a while back (before I did) and is now back in Germany for a while! So she’s making a trip to HH to visit. Should be fun! We have plans to make some props & hit up a Fotoautomat photo booth!

Speaking of instagram…have you seen this ridiculous video? Hah. I guess I’d better watch out!


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