Kids’ crazy ideas


Last year at around this time, I went to a teaching seminar where the speaker asked us all to talk to someone next to us and share the crazy ideas you used to have when you were a child.

My story? I always thought that the Glamour magazines I saw in the checkout lanes at the grocery store said my last name on them. The heads of the models usually cover up most of the Glamour title, and seeing as there is only a one letter difference between Gilmour and Glamour…not surprising that my child’s mind came up with that!


Probably like most of you (me included) thought the D in the “Disney” logo was a Q. Am I right?

Another person at the seminar said they always believed the clunking sounds a radiator made as it was heating up were really little tiny men inside working on the pipes.

Oh, and I have another story — thanks to my grandma, I also believed that you could blow at a red stoplight and it would turn green. I still sometimes do it in memory of her, just because it makes me smile. I will definitely be passing that one on down to my future children.

So, please tell! What were your silly childhood beliefs?


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