Shannon’s visit

As I mentioned, my friend Shannon came on Thursday evening to spend some time in Hamburg, and she and I enjoyed a nice, sunny Friday together.


“The day belongs to you!”

After I got back from my first (and only) Friday morning class, we had breakfast and chatted. It was nice catching up with her (she recently got engaged!) and remembering our college days – we took German classes together at Hood College. Then we got out all of my craft supplies – paper, glue gun, feathers, pipe cleaners, pompoms and washi tape – and got to work making some fun props to use in our photo booth pictures. Shannon showed me this video of Stephen Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak, which was pretty hilarious! (video: Part 1, Part 2) When we were ready to go, we brought down the wigs and Santa hat from the attic and we put all of our props into bags, and then we headed out into town! It was around lunchtime, so we stopped at Knuth for lunch and had a grilled goat cheese sandwich – yum!



We saw this pole – reminded me of yarn bombing, but this was with strips of fabric. Fabric bombing?


Finally, we hit up the photo booth on Max-Brauer-Allee (in front of the Central Park & the new Zomia Wagenplatz). The booth was all covered with graffiti – the instructions were painted over, but we figured it out okay. And there was a number to call in case the machine didn’t work.




This random post-it note was stuck to the outside of the photo booth. It said something along the lines of “Jasmin(?), please go to Jasmin (HR office).”


It was hilarious…we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! And at just 2€ a pop, I might just have to go back more often! This is what ensued:


And we may or may not have left our mustaches inside the machine… 😉



We ended the day with some ice cream at Eis Liebe. They had rose ice cream again! (BEST FLAVOR EVER!!!!) Then Shannon headed off to Barmbek to spend the rest of her weekend with some other friends.

I had a really nice time! Thanks again for coming, Shannon!


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