Birthday in Berlin

I forgot to bring my memory card for my camera, so I took photos with my iPhone all weekend…and still ended up with a TON of photos! So here was my birthday in iPhone & instagram pictures. Brace yourselves!


1. Croissants for breakfast that Tobi left for me in the room
2. Sweet note upon arrival + the internet password
3. A rainy Alexanderplatz
4. Fall feeling at an Oktoberfest booth


5. Alexanderturm – dark skies and extreme wind!
6. Cool architecture
7. Humana secondhand shop
8. Beach chairs at the Oktoberfest booths


9. Oktoberfest in Berlin
10. Awesome graffiti – “…I have to go to Paris”
11. Funny/strange Lindt advertising
12. Awesome fountain


13. Berlin: City of Diversity exhibition near the Berliner Dom
14. Serious statues & fall leaves
15. Berlin is celebrating its 775th birthday
16. Love the giant map & pins


17. More history about Berlin – people who cheated in selling or buying got put into a chair and tossed into the Spree river!
18. View of the Dom from the exhibition
19. Map from the exhibition
20. My shoes


21. Shopping at the huge Alexa mall
22. Coconut chicken soup for dinner & a mango lassi
23. Last day of being 25 years old
24. Christmas stuff up already – love this display idea with the candles!


25. Colorful building!
26. Gorgeous autumn leaves in the rain
27. Confusing shop name
28. The exhibition according to instagram


29. Dunkin’ Donuts & Who Wants to be a Millionaire
30. On the way out for the day on my birthday!
31. Hamburger Bahnhof museum
32. Statue outside of the museum


33. Awesome building!
34. Me on my birthday!
35. Where the wall between East and West Berlin was
36. S-Bahn Brandeburger Tor


37. On the U-Bahn
38. Nice old U-Bahn entrance
39. CDU building across the street
40. Fountain in front of the KaDeWe – love how the people in the sculptures look so relaxed!


41. Halloween/Day of the Dead window outside KaDeWe
42. Fountain sculpture guy just chillin’
43. Spangler candy canes at KaDeWe (in the famous 6th floor food section! They were expensive, though!)
44. There was a mini orchestra playing music there


45. Guacamole burrito and a strawberry-coconut lemonade for my birthday lunch @ Dolores near the KaDeWe
46. Inside at Dolores
47. Street scene
48. A touristy fridge (with bad geography, by the way!)


49. Me in the mirrors at a shoe store
50. Stairway of mirrors
51. Bubble tea ad
52. Ruby slippers!


53. Sunny day & the Alexanderturm
54. View from the metro
55. Tobias at the hotel
56. Base of the Alexanderturm


57. Bear Pit Karaoke at the Mauerpark – got rained out!
58. Rainbow after the rain
59. Table inside a very hipster but comfortable café
60. We had carrot cake, cheesecake & a latte macchiato


61. Nachos for dinner at an awesome cantina (full of other Americans!) They had cheap cocktails!
62. Big brother is watching on the metro
63. Old metro doors – love the wood paneling look
64. A view of the outside seating at Que Pasa

That’s all, folks! I had a wonderful time. I loved all that walking around by myself, exploring the city. Tobias of course made breakfast really special, and then I spent the day at the museum and then shopping a bit in town, ducking into shops whenever the rain started pouring. Then I met up with some other blogger friends I had met at WEBMU and they were nice about the fact that I was an hour late (stupid metro wasn’t running and I had a hard time getting around that, not knowing the city so well)! Snooker and her wife Sweet No met me at a deli called Barcomi’s and then they played tour guide and drove me around the city to see Berlin at night! I saw some pretty awesome sights I hadn’t seen before, and a few I already knew, but Snooker is a history buff and so could give me lots of background information about the city. It was great! Then we had cocktails at a beach club cocktail bar that had sand on the floor and disco balls on the ceiling! It was perfect! Thanks so much for hanging out with me on my birthday, ladies, and for treating me to such a wonderful evening!

Then Tobi and I spent a nice day together on Sunday before we hopped on the late train back to Hamburg. We went to the flea market at Mauerpark, ate some Turkish food, watched the karaoke before it got rained out, had a snack at a café, walked around a bit, had nachos and cocktails at that Texmex place, and popped over to the Brandeburger Tor to see it before going back to the hotel and picking up our stuff to head back to the train station. We had a quick beer in the hotel lobby and then we went home!


3 thoughts on “Birthday in Berlin

  1. Haha! I also just saw my first “Mister Lady” shop…that name just doesn’t work. I’ve also seen that new Lindt packaging and find it somehow awkward. Sounds like you had a great birthday! 🙂

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