Abby turns one!


I can’t believe how time just flies! Just look at that girl, hamming it up for the camera!


A year ago today, I was on my way to work and nervous because I knew Jaimie was in the hospital about to have her baby. This little one came a little earlier than expected (at 34 weeks, so she wasn’t considered premature). I was on my way to work and this was before I had a smartphone so I remember running to the computer the second I got up to the office, logging into facebook, and refreshing the feed over and over again until I saw the good news – Abigail Jeanne had been born! I jumped out of my chair and yelled “YAY!” and immediately started crying – the amount of joy I felt in that moment was unprecedented. I’m pretty sure I hugged whoever was next to me, jumped around a lot, and I definitely gushed about it to my evening classes. I couldn’t wait to get home to see more pictures!!

On October 10, 2011, I became an aunt. Here’s the post I wrote last year about her big debut into our lives. And here’s my first Skype date with them after they took Abby home. It’s hard to believe she was this little once:

393527_2202764388384_1646099341_n390538_2202789989024_339273706_nShe’s grown so much!

579880_3786444619400_1513061339_n546225_3810419498757_447090621_nI have spent some time looking back over her pictures and am amazed at how much more adorable she is getting every day. She’s walking now (!!!) and saying a few words already. My brother and sister-in-law, big Ravens football fans (as you can see from the photo), have trained her to put her arms up in the air whenever they say, “Touchdown!” and it’s the cutest thing.



When I skyped with them on my birthday, Abby was across the room and she walked over to see me on the computer when I said hi to her. So precious!


She is just the sweetest thing ever. And so, my sweet girl, I wish you a happy birthday and leave you with this little note, which I’m sure you’ll read someday:

Dear Abigail,

Happy first birthday! I am so glad for you and the joy you have brought to all of our lives! I have enjoyed seeing you grow up and I wish I could be around you all the time so I could smother you with kisses. It’s so fun to see you dancing, walking, getting into things. That excitement in your eyes when you find something interesting and those contagious belly laughs make my heart so happy! I hope you enjoy being one year old, and even though you won’t remember it, I hope that you continue to be a happy baby and that you don’t grow up too fast before I see you again.

With love,

Aunt Sarah


Gosh, I’m probably going to be even more sentimental when I have my own kids.


2 thoughts on “Abby turns one!

  1. I have a niece who turns one a few days after I left the US, and she turns two while I’m in town in early December. Sometimes it bothers me how much I miss by being here, but life goes on for everyone we left behind, you know?

    • I totally know what you mean! It’s sad not being around much. On the one hand, as she gets older, I’ll have that reputation as “the cool aunt in Germany”, but it’s also sad knowing we are not likely to be all that close. It’s just different when you’re around family every holiday, versus only being there maybe once a year or once every few years.

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