Tape graffiti

This is currently on the street I used to live on (around the corner from my current apartment), documenting the shadow of a street pole & house at different times of the day. How clever!


Happy Friday!

Tobias is in Jerusalem for a week to take pictures for a friend of his who is writing a book. So I’m left to my own devices here in Hamburg. (Don’t worry, Tobias taught me how to make fresh pasta using our KitchenAid mixer, so I won’t starve while he’s gone!)

I have to go into the office to prepare for my classes next week but after that, I plan on grabbing some lunch, cleaning up the apartment (it’s a bit chaotic at the moment!) and maybe doing some baking. I’m thinking banana bread or something pumpkin-related, since fall is in full swing. I also plan on finishing up thank-you cards from the wedding and catching up on TV shows.

And I think it’s time to pick up some pumpkins and gourds to decorate for fall! I’ve seen such cute ideas online recently and now is definitely the time to try them out myself!

Have a nice weekend!



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