sunrise & loss


I believe the sun also rises
dries our tears,
bringing the blue skies of day
I believe the sun also rises
lighting our past, driving the darkness away

so far away

Brave Saint Saturn, The Sun Also Rises

I don’t usually talk much about my work here but I just feel the need to write about this. It’s been on my mind a lot since last Wednesday. The death of one of my students two weeks ago has left me feeling melancholy around the edges.

He had been in my class for five months before he lost his life in a motorcycle accident. It’s sad. He was a kind young man, somewhere in his 30s, with a wonderful sense of humor. It was a small class in a company and his presence is definitely missed by all of us. As a teacher, it was really a joy to have him in class, and he was such a nice guy that I am sure his coworkers, as well as his friends and family of course, miss him a lot too.

Life is so precious. So short, even if you get 80+ years to live, it still doesn’t seem fair. But when someone so young dies you just don’t expect it. He was in the prime of life.

In quiet moments, my thoughts have been coming back to his name. How he kept his long hair tied back into a ponytail. I can still hear his lilting Hungarian accent when he spoke English. It was beautiful, mesmerizing in a way.

I found his facebook page…his profile picture was of him with his motorcycle. And I cried my eyes out. It’s haunting, eerie.When these kinds of things happen, it makes you realize how fragile life is and how valuable life is. Each and every person matters, and there will always be somebody who will miss them when they’re gone.

We’ll miss you, Zoltan. Rest in peace, man.


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