Fabulous fall Friday


My goodness is it glorious weather today. Sunny and 65 – a forecast high of 70! Tobi is back – yay!- and we are going to celebrate by going out for lunch to our favorite Vietnamese place, getting ice cream and taking a photo walk in the park to see the colorful trees.


I’m hoping to find lots of crunchy leaves to step on! (It’s a guilty pleasure of mine! Anybody else?)

Happy weekend, everyone!




2 thoughts on “Fabulous fall Friday

  1. Where is your favourite Vietnamese place? I love Quan Do which is located near the Kunstgallarie, but if you know of another great Vietnamese place I would love to know. I miss have a choice of really good Asian restaurants to go to.

    • It’s just around the corner from our apartment in Ottensen – a place called Cooko. It’s more of a fast food place than a restaurant, but we really love the food there – it’s cheap and it’s fresh! (And you can order a Mangoschorle!)

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