Planten un Blomen

This weekend, we went to Planten un Blomen. It’s this big park right smack dab in the middle of the city. I had never been there before but I thought it might be a good weekend to do it because it was really warm out and guessed it might be a great place to see some fall foliage. And it was!

We just wandered around and looked at the plants and the flowers (hence the name of the park) and Tobias treated me to some ice cream. We got spaghetti ice cream, which was cute but very sweet (we probably should have just shared one). It’s probably a sign that we’re getting old when ice cream is too sweet. (But maybe we’re just spoiled by the ice cream at Eisliebe!)

We sat for a while in some big white chairs by this pond with big round stepping stones in it. We had fun watching kids (and some adults too) jump around on them. Then we did it too. It’s the simple pleasures in life…

Then we went into the Botanischer Garten greenhouse (which is free, by the way!) and saw some interesting plants, cacti and succulents.

It was a really nice time and truly the perfect way to spend a weekend.


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