Strange fish statue

On Wednesdays, my morning classes finish at 11 and the next train back home doesn’t leave until 11:53. So I usually take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the main shopping street of the town (out in Elmshorn) and browse the shops, run errands, or treat myself to a pastry and a hot chocolate.

But today I decided to go off the beaten path and walked in a different direction. It was good because I stumbled upon a post office, which was perfect because I needed to buy stamps. And then next door there was an outdoor market, so I walked around and looked at the fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Because I have an awful sense of direction, and because I had only a limited amount of time, I didn’t stray too far and walked back to the main street area. But on the way back, I saw this awesome little statue of a man holding a big fish under his arm. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?




I didn’t catch what the statue was supposed to represent. Maybe the leaves were covering it up, or maybe I was too amused by it to look for more details and just snapped these photos instead. I’ll have to go back again next week and check!


6 thoughts on “Strange fish statue

  1. i love that! it looks like he’s just on his way to work with a man-purse, except it’s a fish. i wonder if he knows? you should write a short story about it.

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