Down by the harbor

Hamburg’s harbor never gets old. It’s always fun to take a walk down there and look at the ships, the containers and the nice little shops and restaurants there.

These pictures are from over a month ago, but today was just as sunny as that. (Just a lot colder, and with lots of leaves on the ground!)



Puddles are one of my favorite things ever. I just love playing with their reflections in photos, too!



Hamburg’s U-Boot (submarine). I’ve never been inside of it, but it’s a museum and you can visit it. There’s also a big torpedo outside! Might be interesting to see one day.



We went to this beach club and enjoyed the sun. It was chilly but as long as the sun was there, we were warm enough. It’s closed now until next summer!

IMG_3449IMG_3451IMG_3450IMG_3452IMG_3455And then there was this huge Brazilian warship docked at the harbor. Crazy!




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