Soup! There it is!

I was going back over some of my iPhoto pictures and found these two different soups that Tobias made. Apparently I really like taking motion shots of Tobias putting the finishing touches on these soups. And so I couldn’t help but make them into animated gifs to show you the magic.

First up, a hot/cold soup. The outside was hot squash soup, the inside was chilled radish* soup with an ice cube in the middle. We were both a bit surprised that the soup stayed in the circle form after removing the metal part.


*The radish part was okay but a bit too acidy, and we won’t likely be repeating that one.

The second one was a potato/cauliflower soup which tasted REALLY good. Topped with caramelized onions with bacon strips and a dash of pumpkinseed oil to make it look fancy and taste amazing.

Have you made any good soups this season? I’m thinking a creamy butternut squash soup is in our not-too-distant future!

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