Have a happy Halloween, everyone!

Just for fun, here’s a picture of me and my brother, cousin, and two friends on Halloween. Not sure how old I was there…I’m guessing…10? When was the American Girl Dolls fad again? I was going to crop this first picture but oh man – get a load of those curtains! (Sorry, Mom! I’m sure they were just fine in the 90’s.) And I’m pretty sure that “syringe” for my nurse’s costume was a turkey baster with foil on the bottom. Haha! Love it!


Yup. It’s a turkey baster. If you look closely at my doll’s wrist, you’ll see she has a real syringe tied to it. Haha! I was crazy back then too; just check out my facial expression! Also, I had the American Girl Doll that looks like me and I named her Holly Louise Gilmour. I agonized over choosing the perfect name for her and so my parents got me a baby names book!

Did you have an American Girl Doll? If so, which one did you have?

What are your plans for Halloween? Is anyone dressing up or going to any parties? Are you taking your kids trick-or-treating?

Oddly enough, I am attending a baptism this evening for my little 8-month-old buddy Émile. In Germany Halloween is becoming more popular, but it’s also Reformation Day (to celebrate Martin Luther) for the church-going protestants. So it’s more likely that the baptism was chosen for that day rather than for Halloween!

But anyway, enjoy it, whatever you do! And be safe out there!


2 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. LOL, cute!

    When I was a kid, I always used to use the turkey baster to move water from one part of the sink to another. I was fascinated with that thing. LOL.

    • Haha! That’s an awesome thing, Steven!

      I will never forget the story my Mom told me about how she took a syringe, filled it with water, and squirted it out on her dad while he was relaxing on the hammock out back. She said he jumped up and chased her into the house, screaming like a madman! My mom ran into the bathroom and stood at the sink, laughing hysterically at the trick she had just pulled on her dad. But what she didn’t see coming was that he had grabbed a turkey baster and filled that with water – which he then proceeded to squirt at her from underneath the door of the bathroom! It freaked her out so badly she hit her knee on the sink! REVENGE WAS HAD! That’s probably one of my favorite stories about my grandpa (who died young – at 39! – before I was born).

      It’s disgusting, but I always used a turkey baster to clean my Betta fish’s tank – the easy way to suck the water (and waste!) out without having to take out the fish. Then I’d just dump it in the toilet. Don’t worry, though. This turkey baster was dedicated only to that use and will definitely not ever be basting any real turkeys. Yuck!

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