Boxes upon boxes upon boxes


I counted. We had 28 boxes of stuff we brought home from Tobi’s parents’ house last weekend. Thank goodness for our awesome neighbors, Yvi and Johannes, who helped us bring it all upstairs late last night when we got back! It was mostly heavy boxes of books and of course we live on the 4th floor. In fact, I got so wheezy that I had to use my inhaler!

But the important thing is, now all of his stuff is here – nothing more of his left at his parents’ house! So it looks like our work is cut out for us in the next few days: dealing with those boxes and finding places for things.

We’re going to need another bookshelf to hold all of those books. And we now have 2 different sets of china from his grandparents (on both sides!) and we need to find a cupboard to store it all in.

There were a few pretty awesome things hidden away too – I will definitely be sharing those once we get things a bit more organized! It was a lot of work, and there is still quite a bit to do, but it was fun to go through things and see some of the things from his childhood. Even if we had to say no to his mom about a thousand times when she tried to offer us various items. But all in all, it was a good weekend.


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