It’s Christmas!

Okay, before you read any further, here are two things you should know about me.

1. I’m a little crazy.

2. I love Christmas.

Let’s review. Crazy. Annnnd Christmas. Ready? Here’s the rest…

Tobias and I are going to Bali for our honeymoon!


We’re flying out on December 13 and won’t be back until New Year’s Day, so our Christmas will be looking a little more like this:


Which, obviously…I’m not complaining! I’m looking forward to our trip. It’s my first time in Asia and I am sure it is just pretty amazing. Plus, my dream honeymoon is to be on an island somewhere where it’s warm and we can sit on the beach with piña coladas and palm trees. And Bali is not only beaches – it’s also got a lot of cultural attractions, such as the famous rice paddies and quite a few Hindu temples. Relaxation and culture – it’s the best of both worlds!

So that brings me to Christmas. And remember point number 2 from above – I love Christmas. And since this year we’ll be on a tropical island for most of December, we’ll pretty much be missing most of that traditional Christmas feeling. You know, the one with all the Christmas markets, cold weather (and snow if you’re lucky!), and dark evenings spent by the Christmas tree.

And so I decided that, starting one month before we leave for Bali, I will celebrate the Christmas season early. (Remember point number 1 – I’m crazy.)

And my loving husband totally surprised me this past weekend with a Christmas tree! On Friday night, unbeknownst to me, he brought home a potted evergreen on his bike, carrying it on his shoulder as he has in previous years. (A big bucket full of dirt, though? MUCH heavier than a cut tree!) He put it outside in the backyard and then on Saturday morning, he woke up before me, brought the Christmas tree upstairs, and set it atop a TV tray. All this commotion woke me up and I walked outside to see this:


Having just woken up, I didn’t have my contacts in…I almost didn’t believe my eyes! Now you guys, THAT is LOVE. Not only has my German husband adapted to the American tradition of having a Christmas tree up at the beginning of the Christmas season, but he has also embraced my crazy plan to have Christmas early this year. So he bought me a Christmas tree!

He teased me a little bit, of course, but that’s what I get for teasing him about his passion for his new coffee machine. In the end, I love the new coffee machine, and I’m pretty sure he loves Early Christmas, too.

We haven’t decorated the tree yet, but we have plans to do so on Thursday or Friday, since Tobias is in Paris for a meeting.

So tonight, exactly one month before we jet off on our tropical honeymoon, I will be kicking off the Early Christmas season by listening to Christmas music while I cook dinner. And then I will settle in and watch White Christmas and have a little sing-along here, alone in the apartment.

Merry Christmas!


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