Our Christmas tree 2012

We are very possibly the first people in Hamburg to have a Christmas tree up. (Not counting stores, of course, which have had trees now for at least a month already!)




But we finally decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and it’s really pretty! It’s our prettiest Christmas tree ever. Of course, I say that every time. But this year is extra special because we used a bunch of vintage ornaments that my Gram gave us when we were home last Christmas. Tobias packed them up really well and they survived the trip over here, and they’ve been waiting in the attic since then, just waiting for their debut!


These Christmas ornaments were the same ones my dad had when he was growing up. They’re typical glass ornaments from the 1950s. I love the rainbow of colors! Aren’t they just gorgeous? I love that I am able to carry on a bit of family history, even over here in Germany.




Tobias and I also do a mix between electric lights and candles every year. It’s a compromise that makes us both happy. I can sit by the tree with the electric lights on and the white candles are pretty, even when they aren’t lit. And for the special occasions when we decide to light the real candles, we turn off the electric lights and Tobias can feel at home with his Christmas tradition.

I wonder how our future kids will feel about being the only ones with a Christmas tree up so early! And if they will open their presents on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning, or a mixture of both? No buns in the oven yet, though – lol – so we’ll have plenty of time to figure that out.


We also hung up our stockings – and I was delighted when I remembered about our Christmas wishes tradition. I was so focused on being excited about decorating the Christmas tree that I had totally forgotten about our stocking wishes. Last year we read them on our Christmas (when Tobias proposed!!). Maybe this year we’ll read them the night before our honeymoon.


Tobias was singing along with the Christmas music, I think. He’s so cute!


Here is the tree with the vintage ornaments on it – last year we had red and green Christmas bulbs and cranberry-popcorn garlands. This year it’s very different with all of the different colors! Love it!



This vintage birdie is also from Gram. Isn’t she cute?


Then we also put on the rest of our Christmas ornaments from the last few years. The majority of  them were handmade by yours truly, although we do have a few that we bought or were given to us as well.

Ta-da! Finished product! And then we took a bunch of pictures of each other in front of the tree. I am going to print a few of them out and send them to Gram so she can see how beautiful our tree looks with her old ornaments. I’m sure she will be happy to see that!




And we put a few things at the bottom of the tree, too. The German tradition is that the nativity is underneath the Christmas tree. We can’t find Joseph at the moment, so we put my pink hippopotamus down there with Mary and Jesus. (It’s not all that strange, I guess – remember that song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”?

Does anyone else have their tree up yet this year? We’re still hosting Thanksgiving next weekend – it will be a bit strange, having Christmas decorations up while eating Thanksgiving food! But who cares. I’m excited!


6 thoughts on “Our Christmas tree 2012

  1. Sarah – My family always does the xmas tree right after thanksgiving. Though, if my mom had it her way, I’m sure it would be up in September!

    I still work at Marshall’s – they usually start their xmas music on Black Friday. But I was very surprised last Sunday when I opened the store only to hear “Jingle Bell Rock.”

    I have to say, nothing kills xmas like working retail. But I’m glad to see you guys are in the spirit! Nice pictures. :)

    • Hi Charly! Great to hear from you! Yeah, the last time I skyped with my mom (before Halloween!), she was talking about maybe getting the Christmas tree up early this year. They’re going to wait and do it on Black Friday. Man – not a fun day to be working in retail, though! Good luck with that!

  2. My family heritage is Norwegian, so the Christmas traditions I learned aren’t that different from German traditions.. for example we always opened presents on Christmas Eve. However, we have invented some cultural mashups of our own, like putting out a Christmas stocking for Nikolaus. Our son still gets a kick out of that!

    • Norwegian, eh? Cool! I guess that’s the great thing about mixing cultures. You can pick and choose whatever things you like best from each culture! Every family, even those with the same cultural background, has different traditions anyway.

  3. Sarah- I have a lot of the same ornaments , maybe from the same batch of yours if they were from the Gilmour side of the family even a couple from the 1920s/1930s, when I get them out I will send pictures! No snow yet in fact it was almost 60 here. this morning I had the dogs ( Malamute sled dogs , Jasmine and Harry out this morning and they are hoping for snow!


    • That’s really cool, Drew! I bet you they are from the same batch! My dad’s mom, Jeanne, gave them to us. I’d love to see your pictures as well! No snow here yet either, but you’re more likely to get it before we do here in Hamburg. It rained all day today, though!

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