The trees don’t have many leaves left on them these days. This picture is from a sunny day in mid-October, right at the beginning of the changing leaves. One last autumn hurrah.

The Christmas markets start today in Hamburg (there are 10 of them this year!), and I’m fully embracing the change in weather. Bring on the Glühwein and crowded Christmas markets.

If my grandma were still alive, she would have turned 71 today. I’m wearing one of her old necklaces today in honor of her and the wonderful person she was.

Tobias leaves today for a job in South Africa. I’ll be here for 13 days by myself. I guess things will be pretty quiet around here… I’ll just be working, hanging out by the Christmas tree in the evenings, and trying to make an effort to go out and do things with people. Next weekend is my friend Jessica’s wedding, and I have agreed to make some cupcakes and her bouquet for that. How exciting!

Speaking of weddings, I still haven’t posted about the rest of mine. I have an overwhelming amount of pictures and stories I still want to share. Coming soon. I promise!


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