Christmas market in Lüneburg


On Sunday before I left Lüneburg, I finally made it over to the Christmas market for my first Glühwein of the season! Since Tobias is gone at the moment, I hadn’t really hung out at any Christmas markets because it’s a little bit on the lame side to stand there and drink mulled wine by myself. So on Sunday before we left Lüneburg, Jenn and I headed over to the Christmas market by the courthouse. We had some Glühwein and bought a jumbo-sized bag of Schmalzkuchen – which literally translates to “fat cakes” – to share (and to bring back some to Jessica, who was entertaining the last of her wedding guests at her apartment).


Check out those curly Dr. Seuss-style Santa hats! Awesome! Only at Christmas markets…


Mmm. Schmalzkuchen with powdered sugar. And they give you sticks to eat it out of the bag. I LOVE German Christmas markets!


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