Packing, packing

Packing for a honeymoon is no different than packing for a vacation (although a honeymoon probably includes more lingerie!). For some inspiration, I looked online – found a few tips on tropical honeymoons here and here. And I really liked this mood board.

I started on Sunday and pulled a few things out of my closet and stacked them in a pile. I just took that pile and spread it out on the bed so I could visualize what I’ve got. Then I tried on a few things, then put a few back. It’s hard to pack light! I don’t know about you, but I like to have options when I’m traveling.


I’ve got:

– 2 bathing suits and a surf top
– a few pieces of sleepwear
– 7 pairs of socks
– 9 pairs of underwear
– 2 bras
– 2 tank tops
– 2 t-shirts
– 2 pairs of shorts
– 1 pair of capris
– 3 dresses
– 1 maxi dress
– 1 skirt
– 1 short-sleeved cardigan
– 2 necklaces, 2 pairs of earrings
– 3 shirts

Okay, that still might be too much. But we are gone for just about 2 and a half weeks. And it’s a tropical climate and rainy season so it’s possible I’ll need some dry clothes to change into, either from sweat or rain!

And shoes. I’m going to wear sneakers for sightseeing. I’m trying to decide whether to bring my Birkenstocks, which are more comfortable but less able to be dressed up, or a pair of gladiator sandals. Or bringing both of those and leaving the flip flops behind. All the packing guides say not to bring more than 3 pairs of shoes! Although sandals are considerably lighter than shoes. Maybe I can count my flip flops and gladiator sandals as one pair. No?

And I’ll be wearing a pair of jeans on the plane, along with a long-sleeved cardigan and my rain coat.

I feel like I should have taken tomorrow off work too, but unfortunately have a pretty busy day tomorrow. At least our plane doesn’t leave until 2:35 on Thursday afternoon, so we can get up early and finish packing. Tobias hasn’t started yet.

I bought three bottles of sunscreen at the drug store yesterday. And the lady at the check-out asked me if I was flying to Australia. Close – Bali! The lady behind me in line said she was wondering the same thing. I must also say that it’s strange packing summer clothes when outside it’s as wintry as can be – snow on the ground and below-freezing temperatures!


3 thoughts on “Packing, packing

  1. I’m *terrible* at packing light. I ALWAYS overpack. I tend to pack too many shirts no matter what. And I have a ‘just in case’ mentality, which can lead to some bizarrely pointless things winding up in the overnight bag.

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