Thanksgiving (a bit late)

Why is it that I’m always late on blogging about big events? (Cough cough…umm…I have decided to finish blogging about my wedding in January! Of course by then I’ll have the honeymoon to write about…as long as I finish it before our first anniversary, I’ll be happy!)

Even though we’re right in the middle of the Christmas season, I’ll have to go back to Thanksgiving. We hosted it at our house this year and we had a huge feast with 15 people total. We used the pretty china we inherited from Tobi’s grandmothers and had a really nice, fancy meal.

We did all of the traditional foods – a 7.8 kilo turkey (that’s like 17 pounds!), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Except I made sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin because it’s harder to get canned pumpkin puree over here and because it’s far less labor-intensive a task to make sweet potato puree instead. So that’s what I did. I had heard about the trick over on Katie’s blog and decided to try it for myself! In the end, it worked out well, although sweet potatoes are pretty expensive over here, as they are all imported. I bought 11 medium- to large-sized sweet potatoes and it cost 15€. But boy was it worth it! I even had enough to make a second pie later for some of my students to try.

I just realized now that those napkins look like they’re cursing at us! Haha!

We ate, drank and had a good time. We were really stuffed and even had enough leftovers for the next day or two (or three).

I made this candle centerpiece! (Tobias stuck on the pepper with the bee on it. See it?!)

I had been planning on making my own cranberry jelly this year, but my mom sent a birthday package which got to me just in time for Thanksgiving and she stuck in two cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. It’s a little silly because I’m sure homemade sauce would taste better, but there’s something about that canned stuff that I really love. Perhaps it’s the tradition. It’s the kind with the rings on it in the shape of the can, but it’s home. (Thanks, Mom, for sending it to me!) The reason I loved it was, however, most likely the reason why not many of my guests, the majority of whom were German, did not eat so much of it. (But hey! All the more for me!)

I took pretty awful photos of everyone! (Sorry guys!)

Let’s just say I was focusing on finishing cooking rather than taking better photos of everyone. That’s pretty true.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving (a bit late)

  1. Man, you said that you had used good china and because of the napkins I thought that you had to be joking! It looked like the design of the napkins was on the plate! I’m glad you posted a closer picture of your plates! 🙂

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