Fluff it up


If you have an artificial Christmas tree, you have to fluff up the branches. I would assume that would be pretty straightforward, but if you’ve grown up with real trees, I imagine it could be a bit strange having to put together your own Christmas tree!

When I was growing up, we were pretty close friends with Chad and Jordan, the next-door neighbors who lived on the corner of our street. Chad was a year or two older than me, and Jordan was one year younger than me – right in between me and my brother. At the age of 7 or 8, Jordan was the first boy I kissed – I’m pretty sure I chased him down to kiss him. Smooth, right?

Anyway, at Christmastime, their family had always had a real tree. But one year, their mom, Robin, decided to buy a fake one. My mom was pretty close friends with Robin, as far as neighbors go. They babysat for each other and I think they hung out together sometimes while we were playing in our backyards.

So my mom gets this phone call from Robin, who was panicking a bit. “Sue,” she said, “I just put up my Christmas tree but it looks terrible! You have a fake tree, don’t you? Can you come over and help me fix it!?” My mom then came over to her house and had to laugh when she saw Robin’s tree. She had put all of the branches on but had neglected to fluff them out! (It looked something like Mariana’s before picture on The Domestic Buzz.)

When they had fluffed out the branches, it looked so much better.


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