The Christmas Slug

In my parents’ first place, they decorated the tree with glass ornaments, with lace and peach-colored ribbons to match their living room curtains. Then of course, they had us kids, and everything changed. Between school and church craft projects, they amassed at least 2-4 new handmade ornaments every year from us. (And an occasional handmade ornament or two from our cousins as well!) Every year we hung up the same ornaments, adding several new ones each year that we had crafted or that had been gifted to us. So the Gilmour tree is usually pretty packed!

When we got our cat, Rosebud, she perched herself right in the middle of that Christmas tree, and we had to put bells on it so we could hear it when she got up there – we called that the “cat alarm”. Rosebud once knocked down the Christmas tree, too. And the only ornament that was broken? The cat alarm. Touché, cat. Touché!


My mom made this “Christmas slug” ornament with her roommates in 1980. They made salt dough ornaments and this little guy was the result. Apparently, “It was supposed to be a worm, for your information!” (Direct quote from my mom.) But we’ve always called it a Christmas slug. And when I was in college, my mom even sent it to me in a care package full of Christmas decorations. He’s a holiday staple at the Gilmour house! (Thanks to my brother for taking this lovely picture!)

For our first Christmas tree in 2010, Tobias and I didn’t have any ornaments. So we made some using natural elements – we stuffed paper clips into walnuts to use as hangers, we dried some orange slices in the oven, and we made a popcorn & cranberry garland. I made a silly little walnut Santa with a mini Santa hat that had been on a wine bottle.


We also have a “Nanerpus” ornament that my aunt gave me – a few years back, when Denny’s had this commercial, we thought it was the funniest thing ever. And then they found this ornament that looked exactly like him. Ha! Unfortunately, one of his legs has broken off, but we still have him on our tree.


Do you have any quirky ornaments? Sentimental ones? What’s your favorite? Do tell!


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