Merry Christmas (Eve)

One more day til’ Christmas! (Unless you’re German and celebrate on the 24th…in which case, Frohe Weihnachten!)

Here is one last dose of Christmas spirit – way back on December 7th before the company Christmas party, I went to a few Christmas markets downtown with my coworker Kathy. We had a lovely afternoon together! I was glad I got a chance to go to the main market at Jungfernstieg during the day – it was far less crowded than last year when I went after work. (We didn’t even have to walk – you just got pushed along by the crowds! It took us forever to get out!) I like the market better when you have a bit more space to actually look at the booths, and not to have to worry about people bumping into you while you have a hot Glühwein in your hands.

So here are a few pictures from our afternoon at the Christmas markets!



IMG_4165I had Grünkohl and sausage for lunch – looks kinda gross but it is oh so yummy!

IMG_4166IMG_4182IMG_4186IMG_4188IMG_4197IMG_4200IMG_4201IMG_4204These trees had donuts on them!!! Haha!


This is Eierpunsch. Kind of like egg nog but not quite as good.



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