Girls’ trip to IKEA: let’s do it!

I can’t even remember the last time we went to IKEA. So I’m thinking that a trip there is long overdue.

Recently, my friend Ariane was talking about how she hates to drive and how her boyfriend uses that against her every time she suggests going to IKEA. “Of course you can go to IKEA,” he says, “just take the car!” Hah – those tricky boys who don’t really want to go shopping. And she said her other friend had the same exact conversation with her own guy, so that’s when Ariane got to thinking and decided to someday make a girls’ trip to IKEA. We’ll all pile into their big van and take an all-day trip to the land of cheap Swedish design wonders. With Köttbullar for lunch in the cafeteria, of course!

So totally there! Count me in!

So in preparation for our upcoming trip, I browsed a bit on the online catalog and have made a mental checklist of things to put in my cart next time!



1. New sheets. These ones are my current faves! EIVOR FÄRGA (29.99€), LAPPLJUNG RAND (14,99€), or MALIN RUND (14,99€)
2. Three more LACK shelves (9,99€) in white to make our current shelves double-decker for more storage!
3. Maybe this KLABB table lamp (29,99€) in beige! It’s kinda fun!
4. I’m kind of in love with this IKEA PS 2012 coffee table (39€). It’s turquoise AND it has wheels. Drool…
5. This metal IKEA PS cabinet (69€) in white is awesome but unfortunately unrealistic for our living room. We do, however, need some more storage space for the living room and have been brainstorming on that for a while now.
6. A new cutting board. We have the LÄMPLIG (9,99€) which is fine when we’re working at the table, but it’s a little bit too big for our counter and therefore sometimes a bit unmanageable. I’m thinking something like this KRAFTIG cutting board (16,99€) and staining it a darker wood color.
7. We need a new can opener, since ours broke. So this IKEA 365+ VÄRDEFULL one (4,99€) will be a nice replacement.
8. I want this PLASTIS ice cube tray (0,99€)  so I can make heart-shaped ice cubes! Not that we use ice cubes all that often…
9. Various sizes of the KORKEN glass jars (various prices) are the perfect way to improve our storage options in the pantry.
10. We could definitely use some new kitchen towels to replace our old ones that are looking a bit dirty. Besides, you can never have too many kitchen towels! My favorites are IRIS (2,99€) for the lovely colors, & JULKUL (4,49€) for the romantic hearts. Dang! Missed them – neither of these are available anymore.
11. Although we do NOT need any egg cups, these are SO cute I might have to get them anyway. (Little-known fact: egg cups always work well as extra shot glasses in case there’s a big party!) ENSKILD egg cups (1,99€) Missed these, too! I saved the images a week or two ago. Blogger fail! Oh well. As I said, we don’t need these anyway.
12. We also never use tablecloths, table runners or place mats, but I’m really loving these colors! GLÄNTA table runner (5,99€) and GLÄNTA striped tablecloth (16,99€). Third time’s the charm, eh?
13. OMG. Tobias and I are both absolutely perplexed about what has happened to our silverware. We’re beginning to think that our friends are playing an elaborate trick on us and take one home with them every time they visit, because where has all our silverware gone!?!? It’s slowly disappearing. So the next time I go to IKEA I am definitely going to buy two sets of silverware so we never run out again. DATA (19,99€)
14. Trays. You can never have too many trays, right? My favorites are the purple BÄRBAR tray (3,99€) and this birch SKALA tray (9,99€).
15. More KASSETT storage boxes! All sizes, all prices! In white!
16. This MOPPE mini dresser (14,99€) is just begging for a restyle!
17. KNODD metal trash can (12,99€) I can’t decide which one I like better – yellow or teal? Or a classic white?
Disclaimer: I have not been paid or perked for this post. (Oooh, alliteration!) I’m just an IKEA fan and in the mood for some shopping!

5 thoughts on “Girls’ trip to IKEA: let’s do it!

  1. Ooooh, I have shopping envy! If only the Fürth IKEA weren’t so far away, and if only my b/f didn’t have an aversion to IKEA generally. I’m thinking maybe I can sneak some of the little stuff in… I’m loving that Skala tray, the egg cups, and the Swedish ‘mason’ jars. :)

    • Boys do tend to have a general aversion to IKEA, don’t they? That was the whole reason behind our girls’ trip idea. We have two IKEAs near Hamburg, and although I usually go to the one that’s easier to get to with public transportation, if we took a car we’d probably go to the other one. It’s a bummer that yours is so far away!

  2. Love your checklist! I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to look through the online catalog because I know I will want everything. I just went to Ikea this past weekend and picked up two of their 4×2 Expedit bookshelves. They were an early Valentine’s Day present from my husband.

    I am glad you left a comment on my blog, so I could come by and visit you. I will be sure to add your site to my Google reader. :)

    • Haha it’s never really a good idea to look through the online catalog. You saw my wish list! For my own benefit, I didn’t even add up all those numbers…I don’t want to see the final price for my wish list. Ha! That’s a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, though. Nothing says “I love you” like IKEA!

      I found you via the OLW gallery and really liked your blog, too! I also added you to my reader!

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