My trusty little point-and-shoot camera bit the dust.

I killed it, actually. Accidentally.

On the way out to go to a dinner party this past Friday, I was carrying a reusable shopping bag with a bottle of wine in it over my shoulder and, as I walked out the door, and it bumped the door frame. I heard a big crack and I ran to the kitchen sink as the wine gushed out of the bottle. I had put my wallet and camera into the bag because I didn’t feel like carrying a separate purse for that. And I was bad and just put my camera in the bag without its case. I’m guessing the case wouldn’t have fully protected it from the wine damage, but perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad.

We took out the battery and memory card and Tobias put it on the heater to dry off for a few hours. Man.

Unfortunately, the camera didn’t make it. It turns on again fine but there must be something wrong with the sensor. Everything is black. You can take pictures, but the result is black. (With weird lines going across the screen.) Bummer.

So for now, I’ve just got my iPhone for pictures. Not great quality, especially since I only have the 3GS. But at least it’s something.

Thankfully, it was white wine, so there were no big stains. Silver lining, folks. There’s always something, right?

Anyone have any new camera recommendations? My last one was a Canon PowerShot SD1400 IS. It was good, but I’m ready for a new model.

Tragic camera accident aside, the real reason for this post is to show off these beautiful flowers that Tobias gave me last Friday. With an iPhone picture. They’re so pretty! I have enjoyed having them on my desk this week. Thanks, hon! They’ve really brightened my days.


5 thoughts on “Shoot.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I will have to do some research. Not really something I enjoy…not when it comes to tech products, anyway. My very first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix! It had 3.5 megapixels! And I probably paid more for it then than I did for my most recent camera! Funny how things change so quickly.

  1. I’d go with a modern Olympus camera — heard good things about the OM-D series. You can get a PEN series camera for pretty cheap these days, too. I have an E-PL2 and I love it.

    Nice flowers!

    • Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll definitely be doing some research before I get my next one. I have my husband’s old Canon 5D but the only lens I have is not too long-range for most of the photos I take. Someday, I want to get a better lens for it. But that one is generally too big to carry around with me most places. Unless I know I’m in for some serious good picture-taking, I will usually bring along my point-and-shoot and let that do the job.

  2. I’ve taken literally hundreds of shots with my iPhone 3GS – suprisingly good. Have enlarged several and been impressed at the quality. Takes a bit of practice but stick at it! If you e-mail me I’ll link you to my Facebook page where I have lots of examples

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