A heart-stamped Valentine

This year for my Valentine’s present to Tobias, I kept with tradition and made him something. Last year I made a little “you are loved” matchbox Valentine. This year, I made a heart-shaped stamp out of a wine cork and made a little art print card for him.

I went with paint I already had on hand – magenta and gold – and stamped away to my heart’s content. I ended up loving the finished product, and so did Tobias. My gifts to him are never quite as cool as what he gave me (especially this year!) but they’re definitely from the heart. I wrote a message using a black felt-tip pen, and this is what resulted:



I’ve been meaning to experiment a little with making my own stamps. I’ve especially been inspired by these triangle prints, this cross hatch stamp, and this method of stamping with toilet paper rolls.

The idea to use a cork as a stamp came from this carved cork magnet tutorial over on Family Chic. It worked rather nicely! The magnets are cute, too. Might have to try that one day.


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