Tobias found this on the Ebay Classifieds. The person was just giving it away for free to whoever wanted to pick it up. AND they live in our neighborhood. He contacted the lady and he may or may not have been the first one to respond to the post, but she said his note was the nicest and he could have it. So he quickly made a few fresh waffles to bring her as a thank-you (I have such a nice guy as a husband, don’t I?) and ran over there to go pick it up. The lady was pleasantly surprised about the waffles, and Tobias was equally happy about this little wooden motorcycle. It even has a leather seat on the back and you can adjust the height.

I googled it and it seems old enough that you can’t buy it new anymore. There are several people selling it online, and one of them said the original price was 139€.

Pretty cool, right? It’s for use of kids from 3-6 years old, so it may be a little bit premature to have such a thing. But it’s so pretty and it was FREE. We couldn’t resist. And our future kids will love it.


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