An Irish Blessing

It’s Monday again, folks. How’d the weekend go for you?

Tobias and I worked really hard at home doing DIY and some organization projects. We went to a flea market and a home improvement store, bought supplies, built a spice rack, hung some shelves (which included lots of drilling!) and managed to get everything cleaned up in time for Tatort dinner at our place on Sunday evening. Whew! I’ll share more details about that tomorrow, but for today, I’m taking it easy. Well, as easy as I can on a work day.

I came across this lovely Irish blessing and it touched my heart. So I’m sharing here and hoping these things for you as well, dear reader. May this week be a wonderful week for us all!

(P.S. The font I chose for the picture reminds me of the words in children’s books. Makes me want to go leaf through the stacks at the library and pick up a book or two of my own.)

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