Weekend DIY

As I mentioned yesterday, we did a LOT of work this weekend!

On Friday, we headed out to our local thrift store, Stilbruch. We got there just 15 minutes before closing, so we looked through things pretty quickly and efficiently. It’s easier to be thrift-efficient when you’re looking for particular things, and we had just three things in mind: lamps, shelves, and picture frames. We started in the furniture section and wouldn’t you know – I noticed three white IKEA LACK shelves in the corner! As luck would have it, they were the same shelves I mentioned here about needing three more of for our bedroom. I rushed over and checked the price: 3.50€ apiece. I wasn’t quite sure if they were the same size as the ones we already have, but hell – for just over 1/3 of the price of buying them new? I made up my mind and was able to convince Tobias pretty quickly that we needed to take them home with us.

So that we didn’t run the risk of someone else taking them (and since we didn’t want to walk around the store carrying the shelves while we looked for the other items on our list), we made a beeline to the checkout and paid. Tobias, being the compulsive haggler that he is, pointed out a scratch on one of them and asked if we could get the lot for 9€ (thereby saving us 1.50€). The grumpy salesperson didn’t seem too happy about it, but relented. In all honesty, I was a little embarrassed, since I mean, come on…it’s a thrift store! It’s pretty much a given that nothing is ever in pristine condition there! But, if there’s anything I’ve learned while shopping with Tobias, it is that it doesn’t hurt to ask. (I’m still too shy/nervous/embarrassed to ask for discounts, or even for prices of things if there is no price tag, which is a real handicap when it comes to flea markets. But maybe one day I’ll get there.)

Anyway, the store was closing (but not before we found and purchased a 8€ back protector for snowboarding) and we had to figure out how to get these three shelves home on our bikes. Tobias is a pro when it comes to bringing strange things home on his bike (like this chair & a Christmas tree), but three shelves were too much to hold at one time. We hadn’t brought any bungee cords or tape or anything. So he took two of the boards and I took one, and we pushed our bikes home. (At some point, though, Tobias rode his bike the rest of the way home. And I pushed it until we got to the street around the corner from our apartment, where I knew I was safely out of traffic, and then tried riding with it. At least it was downhill!)

On Saturday evening, we finally got to hanging the shelves. It’s always tricky drilling into brick, but we figured it out and got all three shelves up. Then I put everything back up on the shelves, and voilà! Double the storage space!

And they were exactly the right size. What are the chances of that!? Exactly the shelves we needed for a third of the price!

Without further ado, here it is. The final product in all its glory:


2 thoughts on “Weekend DIY

  1. Wow, good work! I LOVE when I find the perfect thing at a thrift store. Same thing happened to us when we moved into our little house with a vintage oven. We needed an oven hood and found one in the exact width we needed. So rare because it is extra wide.

    • Wow! You too! It’s always so satisfying to find just what you need. Especially at thrift stores, because the assortment is always so random. That can lead to finding the best treasures, though!

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