Spice rack


The last spice rack I built for our kitchen was back in our old apartment in 2010. It was very low-key – just one board propped up by two cans of litchis. In our tiny old kitchen.

Our new kitchen is about 10 times the size of our old kitchen, but even though we have tons more counter space, we also have more machines that take up all that space. So Tobias and I have been looking for a way to organize our spices while still keeping them within reach. We got this box from a flea market last Saturday and because we got there at the very end, there were a lot of people packing up and leaving various [mostly trashy] items behind. But you know what they say – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Among these items was this little wooden box, which we took home with us. Can’t resist FREE STUFF!

We cleaned it up a little (although I couldn’t get the marker stain out) and Tobias cut a piece of wood we had leftover from our trash can to fit in the middle of it to divide it into two shelves. He drilled it into the wall and now we have this lovely (and absolutely free!) spice rack!


See the squiggly marker line above the cinnamon? Also, that is an insanely large amount of curry. And I don’t even like curry. But Tobias loves it and often gets a new can of it for Christmas. Ha.


We’re still on the lookout for more boxes to do the same thing for the other side of the kitchen, to hold bigger things like oil and vinegar. Freeing up the counter space from things like this helps keep the kitchen much tidier! It helps to have a specific place to put them, too.

Have you done any organizational projects lately? Any spring cleaning?


5 thoughts on “Spice rack

  1. I see the Old Bay! 🙂

    I’ve been spring cleaning my room. I recently bout about $50 worth of storage baskets (about 15 or so)and such from Five Below(LOVE that store) so that at if I can’t get rid of the cluttered look I can make it SEEM like everything is organized(though, most of the stuff I’m keeping in the baskets is organized in its own way-craft stuff in one basket, paper/Post-Its/writing pads in another, etc.). My shelves and desk look better already!

  2. That is a LOT of curry powder!

    I want more shelves for our kitchen. I thought there was so much surface and storage space when we moved in, but it seems no matter how big your place is you will always run out of space eventually!

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