Les Mis & date night


As luck would have it, my only night free during the week (except Fridays, but let’s face it – that’s the weekend already!) is Tuesday night. Which is the only night Tobias doesn’t have off during the week. But since his usual obligation of orchestra practice is taking a break until after Easter, that leaves us with a few Tuesdays free to spend time with each other! (And eat dinner at a normal time like normal people! Not 10 p.m. as usual!)

So last night we decided to go see a movie. I have been wanting to go to the Streits movie theater at Jungfernstieg for a while now. It’s one of the few cinemas in Hamburg where you can see movies in their original language. But it’s closing at the end of March, so I wanted to be sure to visit it before it closes. It’s a smaller cinema, so there were only two movies to choose from. And between Oz The Great and Powerful and Les Misérables, we chose to see the latter.

It was exciting going to the movie theater together. We haven’t seen a movie in theaters since…October or November last year! It was something new and exciting and felt very much like a date. Especially because the seats we chose were connected – a two-person seat! Perfect for cuddling.

The movie was SO good. We both really enjoyed it. The singing was better than I thought it might have been and the story was touching as always. I had seen one of the older versions of the movie before. But this one was really well-made, well-cast, and well-played by the actors. I can see now why they won a few Oscars. And I had forgotten the details and the power of the story. So full of grace and second chances. And so full of love, even amidst the worst of times.

After our movie, we took a walk in the cold winter air, up past the Hauptbahnhof and to a little bar called Zum Alten Ritter. We enjoyed a beer and nice conversation there before going home for dinner.

Taking a break from our normal schedule to do something nice was so great! Talk about rekindling the flame. Not that we’ve lost the flame, but do you know what I mean? It felt extra special and extra wonderful to be married to this guy. Dating my husband is still so much fun! We’ll have to plan something special for next Tuesday as well.


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