Spring inside


Yesterday, in honor of spring, I bought some little branches to make an Easter tree. If you drive around in Germany during this time of year, you’ll see lots of trees outside houses decorated with (usually plastic) eggs. I’m not sure if we used it every year, but I do remember having an Easter tree as a kid. It was a small, white tree made out of wire. We kept it on the coffee table in the living room and decorated it with little wooden eggs and rabbit ornaments.

This past weekend, we visited some family out in Bielefeld and I was really impressed with Christoph & Ute’s lovely Easter tree made out of branches. It’s probably the kind of thing you only do if you have children or grandchildren, but I decided to make an Easter tree of my own to get into the spirit of spring. Especially because the weather apparently hasn’t gotten the memo yet. I walked to work today in the snow.

So if I can’t have spring outside, I’ll bring some indoors!

As I was dreaming about my own Easter tree, I wondered how I would decorate it. And then I had an epiphany. I would use washi tape and make simple paper cutouts of eggs to hang on my tree. And the plan was put into motion.


I spent my lunch break yesterday making my washi tape eggs. I made and printed out this little template of the eggs and put washi tape on both the front and back of the paper. (You can see the lines through the back of your paper if you use regular printer paper.) Then you just cut them out, punch a small hole in the tops and then tie them onto your tree using some pretty embroidery floss. I chose yellow because it’s a cheerful, springy color.


Here’s my egg template in case you want to make your own!


I’m in love with my tree. It’s simple and sweet. It’s nothing compared to the love I have for my Christmas tree, especially with my new vintage ornaments from my Gram. But it’s just enough spring to remind me that warmer weather is on its way, even if there is currently no end in sight.



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