Easter dresses

When I was a little kid, I do remember wearing dresses to church. Especially wearing dress shoes or sandals with those frilly white socks with the lace on them. (Do you remember those? Do those still exist? Nevermind. A quick Google search proved that they are still out there!)

Just for fun, here are a few pictures of me and my brother. My parents always took a picture of us in our outfits after the Easter egg hunt and before we headed off to church.


Check out that gap in my teeth!


As we got older, we stopped dressing up so much for church. Since the church I attended then was rather casual, it was quite normal to wear jeans to church, and I welcomed it as a chance to dress the way I wanted, since we had a dress code at school. But every Easter, I did take it up a notch and always got a new dress to wear.

I went shopping today and ended up with these two dresses. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve bought a new dress just for Easter, so I’m excited! We’re also not taking a road trip over the long weekend this year, so it’s our first time in Hamburg and I’m looking forward to celebrating it here.


And a sweater to go with it because it’s a bit too chilly for a sleeveless chiffon dress.



I’ll wear one of these for Easter Sunday and the other one for my friend’s upcoming baby shower. Yay! Dresses! Now if the weather would just cooperate, I wouldn’t have to wear jeans under that blue dress! But if so, that’s okay. Tobi said people don’t really dress up here on Easter Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Easter dresses

  1. So cute! I remember all the many Easter dresses that my sister and I wore over the years….and the hats! By the way, I like the selection of dresses that you have now!

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