Visiting the in-laws



A few weeks ago (oh my, where has the time GONE?!), we went down to Cologne for a birthday party. We made a long weekend out of it, and we stopped over in Hannover to visit Tobi’s brother and kids, and then his parents in Bielefeld.


We got to his parents’ place just in time for Kaffee & Kuchen (those Germans and their coffee and cake…). I thought it was cute that my mother-in-law made these little birdies. The “Ulmer Spatz“, so it’s called. Her eyes glistened as she told me the story these little sweet rolls are inspired by.


As legend has it, in the city of Ulm, there was some construction going on to build the cathedral and they needed a lot of wood. The workers loaded big logs on their trucks widthwise, but then had trouble fitting through the narrow city gate. They puzzled and puzzled about how to get it through, when they saw a sparrow (Spatz) with a twig in its mouth. To get into its nest in the rafters (also a tight space!), the sparrow flipped the twig around and was able to get it in the other direction and into his nest that way. Eureka! So the workers unloaded the trucks and reloaded the logs on lengthwise and were able to pass the city gate. And thus the legend of the Ulm Sparrow was born.


Such a cute little thing. I’m sure that’s the kind of thing that our future kids will enjoy about going to their German grandparents’ house. They have a very different style than we do, but they sure do try and make things special. I mean…there were like 4 or 5 different types of cake there! One certainly would have been plenty. But the love and care with which they prepared these desserts was a sweet gesture.

Adelheid also made cheesecake, just because it said “American cheesecake” on the box. And she gave me yet another bag of dried cranberries, as she does each time I visit. She’s so cute.

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