Wish bracelets


I saw this post over on the Oh Hello Friend blog and loved the idea of a wish bracelet. I remember making friendship bracelets back in the day and wearing them until they fell off. The simplicity of the project drew me in, and last weekend I decided to give it a shot.

The great thing about this project is that it’s highly customizable! The look of the beads or the string you use will result in a totally unique style!


I chose some shiny gold and silver ball beads for mine. I used a white cord for most of them and a blue cord for a few others. And when I ran out of the main beads, I used a few more bigger silver beads I had in my stash. They were just too fun to make! I so want to go get some more beads and make more bracelets and give them to everyone I know!


After a week of wearing it non-stop (in the shower and everything), my gold bead is changing to a more coppery, reddish hue. But I like to think of it as the wish working to come true. And of course, the beads often swing down to the bottom of my wrist, but I like that aspect of it, too. Every time I pull it back over to the top of my wrist, I smile as I remember my wish and say a little prayer that it will come true.


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