One of the highlights of our trip to Cologne a few weekends ago was that they had Dunkin’ Donuts! We got some at the train station while we were out exploring the city. They didn’t have maple frosted (my favorite), but a strawberry frosted with sprinkles hit the spot for me. Tobias got a Bavarian creme, and we shared a black coffee together and sat outside on a bench near the cathedral.


Closer to home, it seems that a Monkey Donuts (Hamburg’s closest thing to DD) will be opening soon in both Mercado (in my neighborhood!) and in the Europa Passage. Mmmmm! Although I’m sure that if I have this so close by my house, I will actually be less likely to buy some. Part of the excitement of Dunkin’ Donuts is that it isn’t everywhere. Otherwise, I like to hope that I wouldn’t eat it all that often. I’m not a health freak, but I do like to think I eat relatively healthily.

Nevertheless, it was quite a treat having some good donuts. Makes me feel at home!


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