Easter lunch: salmon

Tobias bought two whole salmon at the fish market a few weeks ago. We wanted to save them for a dinner with friends and had to wait a few weeks to use them, so we kept them in the freezer for a week or two. Then, on Easter Sunday, Matthias, Ariane and their 1-year-old son Émile came over for lunch. That salmon was realllllly good!

We (read: Tobi) used fresh garlic, limes, rosemary, and salt & pepper inside and then baked them in tin foil in the oven. They turned out rather nicely! And oh so pretty!



I had to laugh at two points during the preparation. First, after preparing the fish in the sink (washing them, removing the scales), Tobi hung one of them up on the hook we usually use for dish towels.


Salted tin foil! My guy sure likes his salt.


Isn’t it pretty!? It’s the first time we used fresh garlic. That rosemary is so nice, too!


And then, after we cooked it, the fresh garlic turned BLUE! It was quite a surprise when opening the tin foil!


That last picture doesn’t necessarily look all that appetizing, but don’t be deceived! It was delicious! They’re big fish, aren’t they? Even with 4 people, we still had half a fish left over when we were done! But we took care of that on Sunday evening. Leftovers are the best.


2 thoughts on “Easter lunch: salmon

    • Mine too! I’ve never dealt with a whole fish either. It is a bit of a turn-off having to pick fishbones out of your teeth, though. I think if it weren’t for Tobias to do all the work, I would never eat fish like this either!

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