Gallery wall

Last weekend, we finally hung up some frames in our hallway. It’s just the beginning of our gallery wall, but it looks pretty good so far!


We tried coming up with a good layout on the floor first, rearranging various pictures until we found something we liked. But we made the mistake of not measuring and there wasn’t enough room on the wall for our layout! So we measured again and tried it. And changed our minds again.


We ended up just putting pictures up one by one on the wall. Probably not the most efficient way, but it worked for us. We just figured out the placement as we went. We like how the constellation ended up, so that’s the most important thing.


It’s not finished yet–it needs far more pictures and frames!–but it’s a good start and it already makes a big impact! I love the way it is turning out! The placement of the frames is a bit too high for the moment, but that will change once we get more frames up. We’d like to extend it to top as well as to the bottom. So we’ll definitely have to hit up the flea market again sometime soon for some more frames!


In case you’re curious, here’s some info about the different pictures we hung up!


1 – A recent postcard I got from my friend Laura. I had bought these for her back in 2009 (!) and she just sent me one last month! It was a blast from the past! (via Habitat by John Murphy, print available here)

2 – Old picture of Tobi’s mother (right) with his three aunts, only one of whom is still alive. I love this picture!

3 – A lovely gift from our friend Ariane from Christmas 2010.

4 – A very old picture of a saint, made in Paris in 1941.

5 – Polaroid mishap! Tobias took this accidentally. The result is actually quite artsy in an abstract way. We still need a frame for it.

6 – An old picture of Tobi’s step-grandfather (I think?), Christian Renz, in 1901

7 – Wedding present from Mariko Saito

8 – Pair of bird prints (flea market find)

9 – Hamburg print (flea market find)

10 – Wedding present from our friend Susanne – “House blessing”

11 – Maryland print from my bro & sister-in-law, via Etsy a few years ago. Similar print here.

12 – Pair of old fashion prints from 1804 and 1834 (flea market find)




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