Jessica’s baby shower


This past weekend was my good friend Jessica’s baby shower. She’s due next month but even her doctor thinks the baby will be making his appearance a wee bit early. But he stayed in there long enough for our baby shower to go on as planned!

We had reserved a room at the Mälzer restaurant in Lüneburg. It was a great location and we were even able to decorate the room a little bit with balloons and a Welcome Baby banner once we got there! The food was great and we had plenty of space for our games and activities. Jessica’s sister-in-law Jenna organized the event and asked for my help, so I put myself in charge of games. We just did a few activities, and they worked out really well. It was a lot of fun!


First we put together a picture book for the baby. I had prepared pages ahead of time with the letters on it and we all drew pictures to fit each letter. People were a little intimidated at first (me too, since I really don’t consider myself good at drawing!) but once we got going, we ended up with some really artistic stuff! (A few of them may have pulled out their iPhones to find a picture to copy their drawing from. Whatever works!)


Next, we played a more typical game where each person had to cut a length of string to measure how big they thought Jessica’s baby belly was. As you can imagine, most people cut way more string than necessary. I actually won that game (!) but as the organizer, I let the prize go to the second closest guess. Jessica thought it was pretty funny!


The third game was to draw a picture of the baby on a paper plate. But the catch was that you had to draw the picture with the plate on top of your head, so you can’t see what you’re drawing! It was simple enough but really hilarious. Some of the pictures were actually surprisingly good!


We then took a break from games to open presents. Jessica’s sister-in-law, Laura, got her a present hat. I’d never seen this at a baby shower before but it’s similar to the bouquet of bows you make at a bridal shower and then use at the rehearsal dinner. I joked that Jessica has to wear her hat while she gives birth. It was a crowd-pleaser.


Check out this beautiful diaper cake!


The last game we played was the German version of The Price Is Right – Der Preis ist Heiß. I got some random baby items at the store and created a list for people to guess the prices. I put the items out on the table for everyone to see and then gave each of them the price list to fill out. Funnily enough, the items usually cost less than what people guessed! Then I gave out points based on how close their guesses were. For an exact guess: 5 points. Within 50 cents: 2 points. Within 1 euro: 1 point. The winner ended up with 21 points. The lowest guess belonged to Laura, but that’s just because she’s still used to Canadian prices being much higher. Jessica only got 10 points, but that doesn’t matter – she’ll know soon enough the exact prices of the items she’ll need to buy! But for the meantime, I think we’ve got her covered.


(In addition to photoshopping Jessica’s and Lübbe’s faces onto the real Der Preis ist Heiß hosts’ bodies, I also used to morph their faces into one to predict what their baby will look like! Lübbe really loves How I Met Your Mother, so I figured he’d appreciate the bro reference and the baby in a suit.)


When the shower was over, we all walked back over to her apartment for some cake. Her brother, Jeremy, made this cake. Mmm, I can still taste that cream cheese frosting!  BABY CAKE!


Congrats, Jessica – and good luck on the home stretch!


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