Afternoon in Münster


On the way back from Köln, we drove through Münster. Tobias studied there for at least a year, so he wanted to show me the city a bit. It was awfully cold and dreary, but we found some free parking and then took a little walk around the city. It was Sunday, so absolutely nothing was open except churches and restaurants. So that’s what we did. We walked around, looked at the shop windows, took pictures, ducked inside a few churches to warm up a bit and look at the architecture.




Tobias was pretending to be the Pope as we walked into the main cathedral. (Apparently one of the Popes had visited there.)


We also saw this little antique books shop which we had seen just a few weeks before on some TV show. Apparently they did some filming there for it. It was funny to see it in real life!


Before we left, we got dinner at a little family-style Italian restaurant. The food was okay (but Tobias makes considerably better pasta than they do!) and we definitely needed some sustenance before making the rest of the trip back to Hamburg. So we got to the end of the meal, and I went to the restroom. When I came back, Tobias asked me, “You don’t happen to have any money with you, do you?”

Nope. I hadn’t brought my money with me. And Tobias hadn’t either! Oops! Both of our wallets were still in the car!

So Tobias ran back to the car to get the money and I stayed behind as collateral. It was slightly embarrassing for both of us, but now a really fun memory from my first trip to Münster.

Have you ever gotten to the end of a meal and then realized you didn’t have any money with you?

Also, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this statue. Seemed a little bit…risqué.



One thought on “Afternoon in Münster

  1. I have favorite statues in pretty much every city I’ve visited. In Zurich, it was a statue of a pretty young girl with her clothing clinging to her form as if she was caught in the rain. Yeah, mildly risqué.

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