Spring balcony garden revamp

Out with the old…


and the dead…


and the dried out…


and in with the new!


and the colorful!


and the pretty!



We may plant some more mint in this one. But look! The mint from last year has roots all over this planter box. And there are little tiny beginnings of mint leaves sprouting up! I’m interested to see how they will develop as the weather gets warmer.


It feels so good to have our little balcony garden up and running again! Fresh herbs make such a difference in our cooking!


10 thoughts on “Spring balcony garden revamp

  1. That’s so neat! I just planted herbs in the same kind of hanging planter on my balcony, but I used seeds so it’ll be a while before they look this nice. ;) A little bit of green (not to mention fresh herbs!) makes such a difference, doesn’t it?

    • It sure does, Rachel! I tried to grow herbs from seeds once but due to my propensity to kill plants, I wasn’t able to get them past the seedling point. I’m excited though because now that I’ve cut away the other dead herbs in one of the boxes, the mint is growing even more!

      Good luck with your seeds! :)

  2. Sarah, Your balcony is such an inspiration … and beautiful! Now I need to go work on mine. It’s mostly shaded throughout the day – except for one strong blast of sun late in the afternoon. I’m going to have to get creative! All the best, Terri

  3. We started our balcon flowers too early and had to bring them in at night due to all that stupid snow in March and early April. We had a great run last week of evenings with our pansies and other not quite blooming lovelies. Our favorite spring past time is to sit out with our beverage, snuggle under a blanket and count the bats. Well back to gloom, damp, cool temps in Schwabia.

  4. This is exactly what Im trying to do but our home has that plastic-ish railing. We live in a condo and are looking to sell in about six years or so, so I dont want to drill into the railing. Yours looks like it isnt drilled into the rail so what all did you use to connect the boxes? Im stumped :( I have things in pots but Id like them hanging as yours is to give us more room on our downstairs lanai :)

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