Feeling fresh

Tobias hung the duvets out the window the other day when it was really warm weather. He wanted to freshen them up and left them that way all day.


I could see them from the train station when I left for work again in the afternoon. They didn’t even fall out the windows!

And when we brought them in before bed in the evening, they smelled nice and fresh! Do you air out your sheets sometimes?


4 thoughts on “Feeling fresh

  1. If I did that now, they would be YELLOW with pollen. It’s that time of year when the cars and windows are covered. Not a good idea for our allergy-plagued family. It’s nice to air stuff out if you can, though! I also read an article recently that said an unmade bed was better for fighting dust mites! So now I have an excuse not to make my bed!

    • Haha that’s so true! The pollen here hasn’t gotten bad yet. But I do notice my allergies increasing every day! Birch is starting up, and that’s the one (along with grass pollen) that really gets me. Our cherry blossoms are finally blooming here! 🙂

  2. We didn’t in our old place because there wasn’t a place to hang them. I might try it now that we have a big garden with a clothesline. Pollen is a good point, though…if/when I see yellow layers I won’t use the clothesline.

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