Stephanie’s visit!


On Thursday last week, my dear friend and old Paris roommate came for a visit! Her sister is living in Berlin at the moment, and her family was here visiting her, and she was awesome enough to hop over to Hamburg so I could see her, too!

I worked until 8:30 pm on Thursday and her train got in shortly before that, so she said she’d come meet me at my office. She got there as I was waiting out on the steps in front of the office and when I saw her across the street, I yelled out, “Stephanie!” and then it was a scene just like in the movies – I ran across the street (thankfully, there were no cars coming) and we attack-hugged each other. It was the best feeling ever! I hadn’t seen her in about two years!

We enjoyed catching up and we talked until about midnight, and Tobias cooked us a really delicious dinner. The next day, we went sightseeing in Hamburg and I tried to show her as much of my adopted city as I could in just a half a day.

We walked down to the Elbe from my apartment, and I pointed out to her the courthouse and the church I got married in, as well as our reception location. Then we walked down to the Cruise Center and climbed the steps and took in the view of the harbor and took some fun pictures.


(Click through for more!)


After that, we walked to Övelgönne and had some Fischbrötchen and some Apfelschorle while we waited for the ferry, and then we took the ferry down to Landungsbrücken and disembarked there. We bought a postcard for our friend Daniela, who also studied abroad with us and still lives in Paris, and we walked down along the Elbe and into the Speicherstadt. We wound our way through the town, stopping for a Franzbrötchen on the way (and a bathroom break!) and to visit the Sankt Nikolai memorial. Our final stop was to walk to the Rathaus (town hall) and then right back up Mönckebergstraße to the Hauptbahnhof so she could catch her train out that afternoon.


It was a LOT of walking, but it gave us lots of time to talk, reminisce about our stay in Paris together, and catch up on all the latest news from each other. If any of you readers live in Hamburg, or you’ve been here, I’m sure you’d agree that we hit pretty much all the basic landmarks.


(I gave Stephanie one of my wish bracelets!)


Goodbyes are always sad, but I’m so very happy to have had the chance to see her again. Thanks, Stephanie, for making the trip out here!


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