Accordion to me


A scene from last Monday. I went into work early to prepare for my lessons, only to find that I was too early and the door wasn’t open yet. So I went back outside and across the street and got myself a coffee from the bakery. I sat outside and really enjoyed listening to this accordion player. He didn’t play for very long, because he, too, decided it was time for a coffee break. He gathered up his coins and went over and got himself a coffee. He gave his dog a little bit of beef jerky or something from a package and talked to his dog like he was talking to a friend. “That’s all for now,” he said. And he sat and drank his coffee. I was a little disappointed that he’d stopped playing, because he was really good. You can’t say that for every street performer.

Nevertheless, I walked over to him and gave him some money on my way back to the school. I told him that his playing was so wunderschön and he said to me,  with a slight Italian accent, “Dankeschön, Prinzessin.”

He called me a princess.

Made my morning.


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