New lamps in da Haus

We have finally gotten to the point where lamps are hanging in every single room…except one. Still looking for one for the bedroom. But for the longest time, we just had wires hanging out from the ceiling, and in the hallway, only a bare light bulb. We’ve scoured the flea markets for good finds, and our patience has paid off. We’ve found two very wonderful lamps that we love!

We got this one in the office for 3 euros.


(I had asked Tobi to come over and take a picture of me, and I snapped one of him on his way over – how sneaky of me!)

And our hallway lamp cost just 9 euros! Isn’t it wonderful?


Now to just find a good one for the bedroom, and we’re all set. It’s funny that we spent the majority of two and a half years without hanging lamps in our apartment. It’s so much nicer than just having wires! Our apartment is feeling more and more like home.


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