Gallery wall progress

We’ve added a few more frames to our gallery wall. It’s still not finished, but it’s filling out quite nicely!



We also hung up a mirror in place of the pictures we had next to our coat rack. It’s nice having a mirror there to have one last check before leaving the apartment. And just for fun, I put up these two little figures we got from a gingerbread house. Hänsel & Gretel are just chillin’ up on top of the mirror. It’s these little details that make me smile.




2 thoughts on “Gallery wall progress

    • We were nervous too, Katy! That’s why we waited so long to get the ball rolling. We did a layout on the floor first but in the end, we just added things kind of randomly. The best way to do it is probably how John & Sherry at Young House Love did it (see their method here) but we were too impatient to do it that way. So ours is just growing, and when we want to add a new piece, we hold it up in various spots until we decide on a place to put a nail in! My advice is just DO IT – you can always spackle the hole closed again if you change your mind. The end result is so much fun!

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