Rain boots & bathing suits

My goodness, am I glad to see the sun!

The last two weeks were almost exclusively rainy (and COLD), so I’m glad we get to see some sun for a few days. All that rain made me realize that I don’t have any good shoes to wear when it’s wet out! And I can’t just wear my big ol’ hiking boots everywhere, because that’s just a little too strange.

That being said, I think I will invest in a good pair of rain boots. I’m tired of getting my feet wet.

And I’m also really starting to look forward to summer and to spending a week in Ocean City with the family at the end of July. I already have a new bikini, but I’m thinking I might also like to get a one-piece suit. There are just so many cute ones out there! My best friend Laura just got a one-piece and said she feels so much  more feminine and sexy with more coverage, more than she ever felt with a bikini. It’s understandable – you’re less worried about…ahem…things popping out…and therefore, you’re more relaxed! The more relaxed you are, the more confident you feel, and confidence = sexy!

So I did a little online shopping today and here’s my favorite picks for rain boots and one-piece suits.


1. Triumph Venus Elegance in purple, 69.95€

2. Hunter tall gloss rain boots in coral, 129.95€

3. Esprit Easton Bay in dark blue/polka dots, 54.95€

4. Hunter yellow rain boots, on sale for 154.95€

5. Seafolly Goddess bathing suit in coral, 109.95€

6. Pieces ABBIE boots in mint, 39.95€

7. Cyell PRECIOUS bathing suit in orange, 149.95€

8. Joules rain boots in yellow with blue & white stripes for 54.95€ (my favorite!)

How about you? Do you prefer one-piece suits or bikinis? Do you own a pair of rain boots?

2 thoughts on “Rain boots & bathing suits

  1. These are all so cute! I cannot wait for bathing suit weather to come to Denmark! For now it is just wellies for us! 🙂

    • How’s the weather generally in Denmark? I would think that because it’s slightly higher north than us, you’d have slightly colder weather.

      I saw something on facebook this morning that made me laugh. It said, “I love summer in Germany. It’s the most beautiful week of the year!” So true! Needless to say, my rain boots will definitely get more mileage in Hamburg than my bathing suits! I’ll be swimming in the States though when I visit my family, so at least I’ll get 3 weeks of real, hot, sticky summer. Bring it on!

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