Monday again


Did you have a good weekend?

Mine was pretty nice. Jessica’s brother, Jeremy, and his wife, Laura, came into town and stayed with me for the weekend. We walked around, took a ferry ride, and enjoyed Hamburg down by the harbor, Fischbrötchen and all. Jeremy cooked us dinner on Saturday night — schnitzel and asparagus! Yum! I introduced them to Psych, and they showed me a similar Canadian TV show called Republic of Doyle. (They sure do have interesting accents in St. Johns!)

On Sunday morning, we woke up early and headed down to the fish market. We watched these awesome guys selling plants (it’s all a big show down there!) and Jeremy and Laura took home a bonsai tree. It was nice to be there and even worth getting up so early!

Later that evening, our Tatort group had dinner together. Our French friend Paul was also there, so I got to practice my French a little! It was a nice and relaxing evening, which I definitely needed after a weekend of being out and about.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Did you do anything nice?

Happy Monday! And happy June!


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